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What is a Dividend Tracker?

A dividend tracker is a tool that helps investors monitor and track their investment portfolio's dividend payments, aiding in decision-making and budgeting.

Track thousands of stocks, ETF's and funds
from all over the world.

500+ brokers
We support automatic brokerage connections with over 500 brokers from US, Canada, Europe, UK, ...
15+ exchanges
You can track nearly any stock, ETF or Mutual Fund on the planet. We support most major stock exchanges
25+ currencies
Add your holdings in multiple currencies - USD, CAD, GBP, ... and view portfolio performance in your native currency
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Dividend data at your finger tips

The one-stop shop for dividend investors

Dividend Alerts
Get notified as soon as new dividend payments are announced, or when a company increases or cuts their dividends.
We support Toronto, London as well as American exchanges and are working on expanding further.
Calculators and Tools
Using our suite of calculators and tools, project your dividend income into the future and see how your dividends compound over time.
Stock Ideas
Join The Dividend Tracker community and benefit from others. View the investments your peers are holding and search for new dividend payers.

Integrate with your favorite brokerages

Our software seamlessly integrates with most brokerage accounts, making it easier than ever to import your investment. As you buy or sell positions, our platform automatically syncs the changes for you.

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"A must have if you're a Dividend Investor! I've been so frustrated with my brokerage and the lack of information they provide. Now I'm able to see dividend amounts by month, year, and track everything. Highly recommend!"

Matt J.

“I've been using The Dividend Tracker for about a year now and I love it. The app continues to get better and better with each update. Now that I've used it, I can't imagine tracking my dividends any other way.”

Zachary O.